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Thread: Home for the holidays here are some safety tips

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    Home for the holidays here are some safety tips
    Prevent falls

    Winter weather is another source of risk. Ensure walks are promptly cleared of snow and ice. Purchase and use plenty of sand/salt for the task.

    Practise safe food handling

    Washing veggies

    Make sure all vegetables and fruits are washed properly to avoid food-borne illnesses. (Eric Foss/CBC News)

    Food can be an invisible source of danger. An easy way to avoid food-borne illness is to thoroughly wash fruits and vegetables before serving them.

    Avoid cross-contamination of prepared food with raw food. There’s no need to rinse poultry before cooking, for example — that just splashes germs everywhere. Use a paper towel to blot dry your bird.

    Use a meat thermometer to ensure you’re cooking meat to the right temperature.

    the ladder while you decorate and move items to and from storage. Use ladders on dry, sturdy, flat surfaces and maintain your centre of balance. Avoid storing bulky, heavy items up high.

    Keep hallways and stairs well-lit and free of clutter.

    Don’t get burned in the kitchen

    There can be lots of distractions during the holidays. Don’t leave grilling, frying or broiling unattended.

    Keep cooking surfaces clutter-free.

    Mind the kids

    Amid the holiday chaos, make sure there's clear communication about who’s supervising children and when.

    If you have very small children, avoid glass ornaments and small ornaments that could posed choking hazards. Buy gifts that are age-appropriate.

    And if there are small children around, remember that guests’ purses and bags can contain potentially hazardous items and medications. Make sure they're kept out of reach of curious youngsters.

    Socialize responsibly- Be safe call a cab and please don't drink and drive

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    Wow! These are such amazing tips for home holidays. You have shared good safety tips for readers. I will try during my washington d.c. bus tours. I am going this tour to celebrate the Christmas with my entire friends. I am really too excited to go there with a lot plans like as, swimming, see a Christmas tree and many others. What you say about my plan?

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    Lease! I must appreciate you for sharing this sort of knowledge with us. I think that all of these tips can be proved really helpful for every traveller. I think that all of us should must follow these kind of tips, these can protect us and help us to be safe our journey.

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    Yeah Neha! You are right. Every traveller must follow these tips and will be really helpful during the journey. Neha You know that Christmas event is complete then you tell me your Christmas plan. It is a good thing for me. Can you tell me short information about palm spring city?

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    Throughout in these things the concepts are helpful, for me understanding these majors is the most important part. The needs of a holiday should be taken seriously so that it can be dealt goodly. For me bus new york to niagara falls is what that stays helpful much for me.

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