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Thread: Favourite placves to visit.

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    Favourite placves to visit.

    I'm a tourist and I always love to explore different places of the beautiful world. I have visited many places in my life, My favourite places to visit are New York, Las Vegas, Paris and London. I would love to know about your favourite places to visit.

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    I also explore several attractions in my whole life. I am a tourist and it is my favorite hobby. There are a wide range of attractions that's been my favorite but in this topic I want to share the names of these places that I want to go there again and again.
    1- Paris
    2- London
    3- Istanbul
    4- Boston
    5- Las Vegas

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    That sounds right and i guess when it comes to talking of the nice places that goes with your liking i would say stuff like niagara falls tour from nyc is helpful much and that is how we get to be aware of many things which are fine enough.

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