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Thread: Happy thanksgiving!

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    Happy thanksgiving!

    Hello all!
    I am sure that some of you who read this are human beings! However, I know that some of the views on this post are spambots! Whatever you are, Happy Thanksgiving to you!
    There are many things to be thankful for, and even when we are going through a tough time, we learn how to be thankful in hard times. Learning to be thankful in difficult times is an incredible lesson to learn. I hope that we all become masters of our response to the situation, no matter how hard. That is easier said than done, but it is possible!
    I am thankful for all of you, wherever you are in the Arctic.

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    StevenCarleton! I really love your post that is really sweet of you. I think that Thanksgiving is the best day to thank for all of the things which we have, Infact not only for the things for our family and for everything. Last time I was on my east coast bus tours. so could not spend the beautiful day with my family, but this time I really like to spend the day with my family, and happy thanksgiving to you too steve.

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