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Thread: What's it like to live where you live?

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    What's it like to live where you live?

    I love the city I live in but I'm always curious to know what it's like to live in another town, city, province, territory?

    So, what's it like to live where you live?

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    Christine G! I live in London and London is a very famous city all over the world. I love my city, and I found everything nice and attractive here. I live in London, but I used to travel in different places. It always feels good when you go somewhere to explore the place, and enjoyed there a lot. I'm going to bus tours from boston to washington dc, and I hope that all of past tours it will also prove as a great trip.

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    The major thing is to experience the rights and also choosing the thing that supports us at every level. Choosing the right place to live that helps you with all your needs is fine enough.

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