Good evening! It is another beautiful evening in Ottawa tonight, one that you would have an ice cream while enjoying the heat and sunshine. I do prefer colder days ad nights over Ottawa's heat and humidity though.
I have been thinking about some of the dreams and things that I would like to do in my life. Some dreams are bigger than others, and some make me laugh! But when I look at how exactly they could look in real life, and I realise that each of my dreams have close friends in them. In each of my dreams are filled with people that I hold as close and dear, everyone of them, and it sparks a question in myself; "Who are the Friends to your Destiny?"
In your dreams or goals that you have for your life, which of your friends do you see in them?! Who are the people in your life that remind you of your goals when you have forgotten them? Who are the people that show you the horizon in your life storms? Who are Friends to your Destiny?
We all need people, and people that we trust. It is important, I think, to be specific in the people that we trust. When you do have a close friend, the entire world seems to make sense at times. Close friends can be the difference between sinking and swimming!
Who are your close friends?