Good evening all!

I trust that you are all doing well, and that your summer has been enjoyable. Mine has been pretty great so far.
As I have mentioned before, my full time job is giving school presentations on Inuit culture and supporting Inuit students in Ottawa. It is a pretty neat job. The position is called Bridging the Gap, and I do enjoy doing it.

Last week I had 8 presentations in 2 different schools. It was a group of 400 Grade.10 students who were taking Civics and Careers as their summer school course. Each presentation was an 1.5 hrs, and we filled the time with many different things. One of the favourite things was the Inuit games! Almost all of the students participated in the games, and these students came from countries across the globe! It seemed that after each of the games there was laughter and smiles. The highest jumper that we had for the "One foot high Kick" was a guy from Egypt, and he must have been kicking over 6 feet. It was pretty neat to host these games.

Inuit games always seems to have the best response in the presentations. I have given well over 75 presentations across Ottawa in just as many schools, and our traditional games unite many different peoples in play! I remember this one boy from Afghanistan told me after a couple of games that he used to play games similar to ours when he lived in Afghanistan! His culture had games that were close to ours.

I always feel a sense of pride and joy when I see people enjoying our games. It is the laughter and smiles that tell me that my Inuit culture is a really beautiful culture.

What do you think? Do you have a favourite Inuit game?Is there one that you are better at than other games?