Good evening!
It is a Friday evening, and a beautiful evening. What do you do on Friday evenings?
I read something today on Facebook and then again on Nunatsiaq News that really caught my attention. A young lady who is in Iqaluit is about to have her first born child, and feels that the air in Iqaluit is not sufficient enough for her baby. That must be a pretty tough place to be in because of the potential toxins in the air.
I am expecting my first baby in November, and I cannot imagine what would be like for a new born baby. Toxins are bad for grown adults who have been exposed to all kinds of potentially harmful things, and have developed an immune system to fight off anything. What a new born baby like that has to go through must be much worse.
What are your thoughts? Do you have any solutions for a burning dump, or do we let the dump go out naturally?