I was on the bus this morning on my way to work. I usually take the bus, because in Ottawa it is cheaper to bus than drive. I don't mind it, it really doesn't take too long.

Busing is a funny thing! It is even funnier when the bus is full of people. The first thing that people do when they get on the bus is take out their phones or books! People on the buses in Ottawa really a sound eacn other! We don't like to take to people we don't know.

This avoiding that people do in Ottawa is something that is not really done in the North. I find people are much friendlier in the Arctic. In all of the communities that I've visited, Inuit always say: "hello!". In fact, Inuit who are in Ottawa also say hello to others!

Why do you think Inuit can be so friendly? We are really great at awknowledging people, and not ignoring or avoiding others. I personally think that is one of my favourite things about Inuit.