Hello all who read this! It is a great time to be alive!

As I do from time to time, I have been thinking about Nunavut and our future as a culture and people. It gets me excited, thinking about what our future could and should look like! It gets me excited because the potential is in us! The potential to utterly change what our current state is in us! The potential and possibility for social change is massive, and i believe that it will not take very long.

In many ways, I think that we really have a special opportunity to shape what our future could be. The beautiful thing about the present is that it does not write the future, it merely shows where we are now! The future is really up to what we make it. Recognizing what we want the future to look like is the biggest part, and also making goals to get us there. However, the focus is that we can do it! We can change!

The Inuit of Canada can be the greatest Cinderella story of Canada, in that our beauty and "royalty" has yet to be seen. Our beauty has yet to be seen in it's largest form. Our very best as a people has yet to be shown!

Message me if you have any thoughts or comments!