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Thread: Nunavut and Canada

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    Nunavut and Canada

    Hello all,

    It is a hot and humid evening in Ottawa, some say that this is a beautiful evening, but I think I enjoy dry heat more than this

    Have any of you been to Ottawa before? It is a really cool city! I think that Parliament Hill is one of my favourite places to go in Ottawa. You can walk right onto the front lawn of Parliament Hill, and walk around the back of the building. When I walk around Parliament Hill, I feel like I am walking around where Prime Ministers have walked before.

    The one time that I went to Pangnirtung and walked up the 'mountain' behind the community, I really got the sense of history. I felt like I was looking at land that has remained the same since the beginning of time. I felt as if my ancestors-ancestors had walked and hunted in that land, and nothing had changed. It was a really cool feeling actually. I found Pangnirtung one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.

    The difference between Nunavut and many places in Canada is that Nunavut takes better care of the land. A couple of weeks ago, I drove out to Nova Scotia. It was a long and beautiful drive, but we drove the whole way. There is a highway that you can take all of the way there, many miles of roads and highway! Can you imagine what that land would have looked like before the roads were there? There must have been millions of trees that were cut down in order for the roads to be made.

    Nunavut takes much better care of the land. I love that we have always looked after the land, even in our negotiating with the Federal Government to keep it the same.

    What do you think about Nunavut? Do you want to see roads that connect communities together? Or do you want to keep the land the way it is? What would you like to see in Nunavut?

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    Pangnirtung Nunavut
    roads to communities or "Less communities"?

    Would Nunavut be stronger with fewer communities? MLA a cbc article
    Pat Angnakak says the difficult issue needs to be addressed in a candid and thoughtful manner.

    Not something I would suggest, and if I had the right to protest, would.
    Embrace nature, not materialism.

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