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Thread: Plans after graduation?

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    Plans after graduation?

    So what are your plans after you graduate school?

    Continue on with more education, get a job or career, take a break or do something completely different?

    If you're undecided this is a great forum to discuss it on.

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    yes Christine G! You're right it is a great forum to discuss all these king of things. Well after my graduation i have decide to with thanksgiving vacation deals. i have been to canada once with this pacakage and that was such a great experience. So i'm thinking it again to go with this pacakage.

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    Neha! Canada is my favorite country around the world. I never got a chance to visit it the past. If you have completed your vacation tour, So can you share your journey experience with me. I want to know massive and interesting information about my favorite place. Waiting for your reply friend.

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    Ill be going to a tour which was on my mind from a long time and ill think of managing it. The basic thing is to talk about all the maximums and when the time you spend goes good you appreciate things. At the moment thousand islands cruises is what i am going be going to.

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