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Thread: Attention!

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    Red face Attention!

    We have Extended the Video Contest that we are currently having to April 1st, 2014.

    another note if you don't know the Prizes they're: 1st prize is $300 for the first place winner, $ 200 For the second place winner and Third place winner get $100 dollars.

    Would like to see more videos =)

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    The famous and beautiful attractions that have attracted my attention. I am a tourist and according to me the natural places have attracted the attention of travelers. The Natural and historical places are my favorite places around the world. The Niagara Falls in of my favorite place around the world. Have you ever visited this fall?

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    This is so right Acyfic! I am also a tourist and I love to explore different places of this world. I also really love to visit natural places and especially the small villages. I think that we get so much to learn from all of these small places. I have visited many places of this world, this time I'm planning to go to bus tour east coast .

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    You have posted a good thing because most importantly when its about learning through those things we can get to have ways that are good enough for us and also i recently traveled through niagara tour from new york is reasonable much when it comes to traveler and stuff.

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