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Thread: Google fiber

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    Post Google fiber

    Right now google is offering 1giga of bandwidth speed =o that is fast!
    To give a comparison where I live. we get 2 to 3 mbps, google fiber is 938mbps so lets say you have Microsoft paint put a picture on there, save close the program open it up again you'll see the image rightaway. well with google fiber you'll type facebook or any other site, it'll just be like Microsoft paint just open bam! you see everything.
    well here is another thing 1 gigabyte of bandwidth speed is not the fastest, they can achieve they can get you 1 terabyte of bandwidth speed. fiber optic cables are just like a mirror soo flash a light on the mirror whatever is infront of the mirror, you'll see it on the objects right away. same with fiber optics it is just the same. but what google fiber is offering is plenty of bandwidth speed anymore are computers wont really register the speed of the bandwidth.
    another note if you want to keep reading, scientist haven't fully tested fiber optic cables, with the current technology it is quite hard.

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    I giga bandwidth speed.....God please they bring it in my town...

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