Ok i am 30 yrs old and i still get blackheads and pimples
I think they should go away when you get out of your teens
But it is simple just have a good diet with veggies and fruit and the rest of the healthy food groups,
it is so easy to fall into snacking and eating to much sweets and salty foods and drinking soft drinks and sugary beverages.

-Wash your face daily

-use soap that is not to harsh on your skin

-Washing your face with a mixture of brown sugar and a few drops of milk (enough to form a mud-like consistency) washes away dirt and excess oil, leaving your skin feeling smooth and refreshed. This scrub can be left on your face for as long as you like. (if you can not afford store bought scrubs)

- Drinks lots of water

-wash all make-up off before going to bed Carefully choose your facial scrub to match your pore size. The type and size of the grains in the face scrub can actually make the difference between exfoliated and irritated skin.

- Larger grains are more abrasive while tinier beads are more gentle.

-If your skin gets a little stressed though e.g. due to plenty of sun, try Aloe Vera Gel with at least 90% pure aloe barbadensis leaf juice in it. Aloe vera is known for healing properties and can do wonders for the skin.

-Vitamins are essential for healthy skin, especially vitamins A, B,and C. Vitamin E helps to improve the complexion when applied externally.

-Use homemade masks to moisturize your skin. They're easy to make, and they really work! For instance, a mixture of grapes, lemon and egg white is very helpful for oily skin and honey promotes the healing of ulcers and burns. Fresh herbs ground into a paste and applied to problem skin may also help reduce skin problems.

If you know anything else add to it