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Thread: Tell me about your town, community, or city

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    Tell me about your town, community, or city

    What's your town or community like?

    I've only been to a few places in the North mostly airports passing through. I haven't seen a lot of the communities across the north what is yours like? What do you like about it? What makes it unique?

    Back in my hometown one of the town features is the Loran tower built in the late 1940's to help navigate planes and ships, it is the tallest structure in any direction.

    It would cost $ 1 Million to rebuild demolition starts end of November
    and a rebuild 1/4 it's size
    The hamlet is looking into making it a heritage site.

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    I live in London and London is a very famous city all over the world. I love my city, and I found everything nice and attractive here. We can do every kind of fun here and visit so many places. I live in London, and I love each and everything about my city.

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    The basic thing is to have a place where most of the facilities exists and also understanding the factors is a way which works sensibly for us. AT the moment if we see in general bus new york to niagara falls helps things quite much.

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