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    Reading online that Chicago zoo are bring polar bears in from zoo captive, because it is too cold in Chicago. What is your take?

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    David! I have also heard that a polar bear has brought to the Chicago Zoo. Chicago Zoo is such an accurate place to see all kinds of wild animals. I'm not an American but I have been to Chicago many times and when I was small I have been to the Chicago zoo with my family. That was such a great experience, i love the place. At this time really enjoyingmoraine lake banff national park.

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    I visited Chicago several times in the past. Last time I visited there before Florida tour bus with my family. This city is the third most populous city in the United States, after New York City and Los Angeles. The Field Museum of Natural History, Lincoln Park Zoo, Grant Park and Lincoln Park are my favorite places there. Neha! If you go again there, So don't miss these attractions. I am sure you like them a lot.

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    Acyfic! it seems that you always really enjoy to visit Chicago. I also have been to Chicago many times, as I mentioned it in my previous post. I want to know from you that how many times you've visited Chicago, and what are your favourite
    places to visit in Chicago. I also want to know do you know about some good hotels of Chicago. where I can stay during my trip.
    Next I am going to boston to washington tour for fun with my family.

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    Visiting Chicago can be an amazing experience because i have personally been there and it all was pretty amazing when it comes to an experience and also tour bus from new york to niagara falls is one of those tours that i get in NY but in this region its a lot of fun also.

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