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Thread: land of the pingos music festival

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    land of the pingos music festival

    happening right now, here in in Tuktoyaktuk,N.w.T, this is a first ever for the community, even the band Cweed is here!

    any festivals happening in or around your area?

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    No festival is happening around me, but I'm planning to go to the tours in usa east coast . after my Christmas. I hope that my tour will be a good on one, and I'll enjoy there a lot.

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    Definitely Neha! I heard a lot about East Coast Tours on my uncle and father. This tour offers a big range of opportunity for their customers. My father had chosen the 5-Day Boston to Niagara Falls, New York City and Boston Tour (Free Airport Pickup). This tour is one of the tours that the company offers. He enjoyed there a lot and I assure, you will also enjoy there a lot same as my father.

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    Sounds cool spending time on these kind of places is amazing which feels great. The way you have talked about sounds good truly and also can provide the learning good things for increasing their knowledge.

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