Here is something I wrote in 2010:

"Seeking to ensure youth are connected with their families, Making Connections established the Pangnirtung Interagency for Youth and Their Families in the fall of 2008. The Interagency meets monthly and includes front line representatives from all sectors dealing with youth including health, social, recreation, education and enforcement workers amongst others. Perhaps the most notable example of the Interagency in action during the last two years has been its attempt to respond to the crisis of youth suicide in families here. Through suicide intervention training, public meetings, community mail outs, radio programs, school events, embrace life activities and grief counselling, the work of the Pangnirtung Interagency has been recognized across the region. This work continues."

The Interagency model is something I am passionate about. I generally chaired meetings in my fluent English and halting Inuktitut. In recent years our Mayor, Sakiasie Sowdlooapik was a big supporter and encouraged all the agencies to attend. Sometimes we felt we did not make a lot of progress with issues but I always felt the discussion was helpful. Communities need a forum to get together talk honestly about what is happening.