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Thread: What can be done to prevent human trafficking and exploitation?

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    What can be done to prevent human trafficking and exploitation?

    Day 3 – Intro Text

    What can be done to prevent human trafficking and exploitation?

    By now you are all experts in seeing what human trafficking is, how traffickers find their victims and what makes someone potentially vulnerable. Now it’s time to talk about how we can take action!

    It’s time to get our heads outta the sand! Er... snow?!
    Most people just don’t know about human trafficking, that it’s happening in Canada, or that these acts are illegal. We need to start the conversation (hey, seems like we’re doing a good job so far!) and get people talking about this horrific violation of human rights. Tell your friends, tell your parents, talk to your teachers and get the ball rolling.

    Speak Up!

    If you have a bad feeling about your relationship or situation, or a situation your friend is in, you should always listen to it. Now you know the signs and you say something to help a friend get out. They may not listen, but tell them you are there for them when they need it. If the person is a child, you legally have to say something. So shake off the jitters, put your chin up and march over to an adult you trust and let them help you.

    Know your rights!

    Do you know what you can/cannot consent to as someone who is under 16? Make sure you know when the people you love are in situations where they cannot consent – no matter how wiling they may seem. Remember, no one has the right to force you to do anything for their own gain. (Also, being sent to clean your room so your mom can watch her favourite tv show doesn’t count).

    Be Cyberwise!

    You spend a lot of time online, I know you do. Uh... look at us all right now. Make sure you stay safe online – don’t send photos via text or email, never use a webcam with someone you don’t know and if you’re determined to meet up with someone you met online, make sure you do it in a public space with a friend, only after you’ve told an adult. Protect your privacy and your personal details! Though you may think everyone wants to know your every move throughout the day (tweet: “I am now eating lunch.” “Time to cross the street”... you get the point!), those facts can be used against you later so be careful!

    Know your allies

    Now that you’re all up to speed on what human trafficking is, keep the numbers of trusted professionals and adults nearby. That way, if you are out and there is an emergency, you know the number to call in that very moment. Your friend might need your help, and there is only a small window to get help, so make sure you have the tools to be the best support you can!

    You guys rock. Thanks for your participation and amazing conversation. I know that you all will be able to take this information back to your communities and join in the fight to end human trafficking.

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    Hi everyone! I know this is a LOT of information to take in over just three short days - phew! Take your time to process it all and know that Helen and I are around to answer any questions you have. This is an issue that affects youth in your communities so we really want to hear from you! (Like, really.) I hope you'll let us know what you're thinking... and if you think it's silly, I guarantee someone else is wondering/thinking the same thing!

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