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RCMP in CamBay seize drugs, alcohol, cash
Woman faces two drug and alcohol related charges

Here's a look at the vodka, weed and cash seized May 13 in Cambridge Bay. (PHOTO COURTESY OF THE RCMP)
The RCMP in Cambridge Bay have made another seizure of drugs and alcohol in the community.

On May 13, police responded to a call for service at a local residence where they located and seized 24 grams of marijuana, eight bottles of vodka and a quantity of cash.
A woman, who was not named in the May 16 RCMP news release, now faces one count of possession for the purpose of trafficking and one count of possession of liquor for the purpose of selling under Sec. 84 of the Nunavut Liquor Act.

The woman will appear in court Aug. 12 in Cambridge Bay.

Police in Cambridge Bay also seized $1,900 worth of vodka and liqueurs in February following a suitcase search at the airport and have seized more than two dozen bottles of vodka, along with drugs and drug paraphernalia in March.

In the May 16 release, police thanked members of the community “for their help in making Cambridge Bay a safer place.”