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Thread: Show Me Your Pride

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    Show Me Your Pride

    I'd just like a chance to get to know everyone on here and maybe for other people to get to know each other.

    For myself - My name is Christine and I currently live in Ottawa, Ontario. I am Ojibway from Nipissing First Nation. I am aware of the many issues that affect the people I have lived with on my reserve. One thing that has helped my people the most was their resilience and passion about awareness and their fight in making the community a better place. That is what I am most proud about, never giving up!

    I am learning about issues that affect all Indigenous Peoples of Canada, especially the Inuit. I also volunteer at a Friendship Centre and one of the focus is on the Inuit of Ottawa. Now I would like to hear opinions from all over Canada.

    What makes you most proud about being from the North?

    Is it your culture? Your community? The land?

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