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  1. Have a very Merry Christmas with friends and family

    This will be my last post with ACYF it has been fun posting news and discussions with you all I hope you all have a great Christmas with loved ones with loads of love and laughter

    I hope your New...
  2. Home for the holidays here are some safety tips
    Prevent falls

    Winter weather is another source of risk. Ensure walks are promptly cleared of snow and ice. Purchase and use plenty...
  3. Nunavutís distress helpline to operate 24 hours a day
    Since 1990, the Iqaluit-based crisis-prevention Kamatsiaqtut helpline has helped callers from...
  4. Vote and make a change NTI Elections across Nunavut
    Jesse Mike of Iqaluit and Douglas Aggark of Chesterfield Inlet will run against the organizationís long-time vice...
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    Nunavik says no to Uranium mine

    Anyone can say no to any mine that happens in there community if they think that it will be unsafe to them
  6. KRG planning on keeping Nunavik daycare fees low

    I know i have heard that daycare prices can hike up in Nunavut but its good to hear that other...
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    A legend has died in the Yukon

    A member of Yukonís Champagne and Aishihik First Nations, Van Bibber was awarded a lifetime achievement award...
  8. Whitehorse Dad wants autistic daughter to have education assistant

    I think every parent that has a child with any kind of form of disability can get all the help and assistance they can get while in school to get an education...
  9. Sarah McLean show sold out in Newfoundland & Labrador hates seal hunt

    what else is new yes there maybe celebrities that hate people seal...
  10. Some are waiting for an apology residential school students in Labrador

    Being called names in school can be hard a lot of people are waiting for an apology"When...
  11. Some are waiting for an apology residential school students in Labrador
  12. Words can not lay visible scars on the outside but can tear up on the outside

    I remember my early days where i was taunted and teased, it still wounds me today thinking about how i was laughed at for years, words do hurt

    please remember that if you don't want someone to...
  13. Young Iqaluit writer receives governor general award

    How one person can really effect and be in your life so much, this young writer has written about her friend that has affected her life and has won a governor general award, i think this is ...
  14. ???What's really in those little trick or treats your kids will be getting halloween

    Wow what an eye opener, i know its is a lot of fun going door to door saying trick or treat to receive free...
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    Ottawa incident left Canada on High alert

    A lot of kerfuffle left everyone across Canada worried and high alert to what happened...
  16. Nunavut news north news paper Oct 13 Elders thoughts on beer & wine store in Iqaluit

    I read the article and it, a lot of very important views and comments
    the meeting was held October 7th at the Frobisher inn 15 elders stood up and spoke about there thoughts

    ' I have seen family...
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    Cold and flu season
  18. A beer and wine store in Iqaluit big debate what do you think?

    I think this still up a lot of issues and emotions for a little of people it is hard to say if...
  19. Fall/ Winter freeze up STAY OFF the lake ice until frozen solid

    Its that time of year again where the lakes are starting to freeze but they are not completely solid please make sure that if you...
  20. Tanya Tagaq wins Polaris prize her record animalism

    How could I forget to post this I know Tanya from Cambridge Bay she is a dear friend she has travelled the world so others can hear her voice her beautiful throat singing I know she has worked hard...
  21. putting a 'time out' for your child might actually be hurting them Time article state

    'Discipline is about teaching Ė not about punishment Ė and finding ways to teach children appropriate behavior is essential for healthy development.
    'Studies in neuroplasticityóthe brainís...
  22. Do you know your family background? your heritage?

    I think it might be something worth knowing your background is, who your ancestors were where they came from and how you it got to where you are today.
    Every person has a story an...
  23. Gov't of Nunavut FASD poster what do you think?

    What do you think about the poster do you think it makes a good statement?
    What should be done? Or what...
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    What pop can do to the body!

    I know i like more than once a week maybe more than once a day, i have seen parents and heard stories of parent giving their child pop in a bottle even infants i believe that is not right for their...
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    Caribou declining in NWT

    CBC News north article posts about this type of caribou declining, no word on a reason why?...
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