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10-19-2014, 10:18 PM
I read the article and it, a lot of very important views and comments
the meeting was held October 7th at the Frobisher inn 15 elders stood up and spoke about there thoughts

' I have seen family members die because of alcohol and i have seen murder because of alcohol. i've seen people abused in the past, and i'm pretty sure we'll see more black eyes in the fire. The shelters would be filled up more. the people in the community would have a difficult time.'
Nutaruq Nowdluk

'" do you know how many are fatherless because of alcohol?.. who and how many children live like orphans because of alcohol?'
Annie Nattiq

'When i was young we were very strong and healthy and physically fit, we hunted for our food when alcohol became available our people fell we lost love it disappeared our ability to sustain life itself was paralyzed young people thought they should drink to me that is a huge problem,."

These are a lot of important thoughts and comments and should be taken into consideration

What are your thoughts about this its your north its your community :confused: