View Full Version : Students / Kids not in Classes.

01-17-2014, 11:15 AM
I would like to know why is that kids these days are in classes, what makes them want to skip certain subjects. Is it boring or not cool to learn a subject like math, science or social studies? or is it a hard subject for them?
when I was going to school if I missing days of school time, my parents were furious. are parents these days not too hard on the kids for education? later on in life it'll be hard for a person to get a good job or go to university or college, they will have to go back to school waste more time, waste time I mean waste time if their own life's to use it when they were in school right there right then to graduate. instead they chose to skip classes. jobs don't just come to you, you work for it. Dedicate yourself to finish high school go to college / university to get a great job so you're not struggling, for your future family or for yourself. not saying it is easy after school or college to get a job, life isn't easy. you can make it easier by attending school to get a education. our Nunavut leaders did not have it easy, they took their time to better themselves to get where they are now. Education is key, if you want to make a difference. its up to you if you want to change the surrounding's for the better. stay in school finish get further education.

01-19-2014, 09:12 PM
Be cool stay in school sounds nerdy i know, but these days it is more complicated trying to find a job or a career with an grade 12 education. Even a part time job, or casual work as well. It doesn't hurt asking your classmates for help or even the teacher. I don't what is to make the student numbers low but finish your homework and attend everyday. It will work out in the end when you graduate grade 12