View Full Version : Strong and heavy winds forecast for tomorrow here in the capital

01-06-2014, 10:22 PM
If you don't know already or unsure what to do in a blizzard
-conserve your water if you live in a smaller community with water and sewage tanks
-do a smaller load of laundry
-shorten your shower and bath time

Plan ahead
-Get ready for a power outage get candles (be safe with them remember safety) keep away from children or away from anything flammable
or flashlight or lanterns and extra batteries for them
-battery powered radio to listen for updates and weather reports
-an emergency kit containing first-aid kit, water, batteries, granola bars or other snacks or non perishable food, flashlight, candles, matches or lighter, blanket, knife, or multi-tool, sanitation, personal hygiene kit, tape, scissors

During storm or blizzard
stay in doors stay warm
If you have to go out dress warm
wear something with a hood, wear mittens, clothing that is water repellant and tightly woven

Stay warm stay safe