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12-17-2013, 10:19 PM
CBC News article


Some people are getting upset about this article and I think they should be.

""This is a real thing, an attempt to end a horror show that shouldn't be taking place in the 21st century," said Simon, who created The Simpsons which coincidentally debuted 24 years ago on Tuesday with cartoonist Matt Groening and veteran Hollywood producer James L. Brooks. "
"A million dollars is a lot of money in Newfoundland, and it could go to something really terrific," she said.

'A million dollars is a lot of money in Newfoundland.'
Pamela Anderson
"This is just a bonus for fishermen. It's a clever way and a great way to help the community"

We use all parts of the seal for good we don't let it go to waste just like anything else we hunt