View Full Version : Cold and flu season

10-09-2013, 08:47 PM
Well folks it's one of those times a year where your noses starts to run, your eyes starts to water, your head gets hot, your body gets the chills, and your ears plug up. What's that oh yes it's the cold and flu season.

Here are some good tips
-Just remember to dress warm with hats and mitts and get a warm coat or jacket with warm shoes or boots.

-Wash your hands constantly with soap and water
Wash the germs and dirt away

-Get some good nights rest some good zzz's

- Exercise

-Eat those yummy fruits and veggies your moms always right

-Drink lots of fluids i.e Water pop doesn't count sorry

-Take vitamins

-And get your flu shot

Don't forget to wash your hands :P