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  1. First Discussion Topic
  2. Recreation in your community!
  3. Topic I would like to talk about is.....
  4. Education Issues!!
  5. Nunavut Leg. Assembly refused to pass Bill to create an Independant Youth Advocate!
  6. culture shock!
  7. Cree Walkers
  8. Voilence in Nunavut Communities
  9. Thank you Carla Huges, visits like yours make a difference.....
  10. Nutrition North - Nunavut MLA seeks feedback
  11. Nunavut - NTI seeks student president-for-a-day -High School Students-
  12. Muskrat Falls - Nunatsiavut
  13. Tuk/Inuvik highway
  14. Assimilating Canadians into the wisdom of Indigenous ancestors BY DEREK RASMUSSEN
  15. Climate Change
  16. Show Me Your Pride
  17. Comfortable?
  18. Food and nutrition
  19. April 30th, 2013
  20. Educational magazines child. should I?
  21. Guest's on the forum
  22. School year ending what are your plans for the summer?
  23. Parts of 50 caribou WASTED!
  24. Artists/Musicians/Athletes/Special Talents?
  25. What does family mean to you?
  26. Mental Illness
  27. Hello June
  28. Human Trafficking - Do you know what it is?
  29. What's your dream job?
  30. Lead Your Way
  31. Bullying
  32. Nanak kayaking to Gjoe Haven from Tuktoyaktuk!
  33. Non Insured Health Benefits
  34. summer break!
  35. Hello July
  36. Amazing speech against the intolerance and stigma of Depression and Mental Illness ♥
  37. Smokers?
  38. NEB puts Nunavut seismic testing review into limbo
  39. Could be better?
  40. Sports and Recreation.
  41. Hi there
  42. land of the pingos music festival
  43. Moving Off the Land
  44. What would you say to the Prime Minister?
  45. long distance runner!
  46. Favorite Artist?
  47. September school 2013
  48. Offensive Slur
  49. Grandparent's Day
  50. What would you do if...?
  51. Miley Cyrus Performance
  52. Nunavut Elections Kick off Nunasiaq News Article
  53. climate chanage article!
  54. Aliens near James Bay?
  55. What is your age group?
  56. It's October 2nd, 2013!
  57. It's OCTOBER!!!
  58. Halloween treats, decorating and costumes
  59. Where do you live in the Arctic?
  60. How's the weekend treating you?
  61. Tired of Turkey?
  62. Are you a hunter?
  63. Environmental changes in the north
  64. Traditional Foods
  65. Youth Leader
  66. Hockey season started
  67. What should I be for Halloween?
  68. How do you like to spend your weekends?
  69. Avril Lavigne Feat. Chad Kroeger - Music Video Let me Go
  70. Ghost, Goblins and Ghouls
  71. Favourite Subject in School?
  72. Traditional Sewing
  73. no snow no ice
  74. Bedtime for young ones
  75. Mushroom infest Nunavut walls in public housing
  76. Government poised to unveil ‘transformational’ aboriginal education reforms: Minister
  77. What school do you go to?
  78. $100000 What would you do?
  79. Seal hunting
  80. What was your first job?
  81. Homemade cooking vs Fast food?
  82. Self Esteem
  83. My favorite movie is...
  84. Traditional Knowledge & Language
  85. Your family
  86. Fall Back time change
  87. Family pet
  88. Zombies!
  89. Favorite cartoon
  90. Tell me about your town, community, or city
  91. Be the change you wish to see
  92. What does the fox say?
  93. Any questions about this forum?
  94. 12 year old girl revels one of the best kept secret in the world
  95. Baby Einstein
  96. Why reading to little ones is it important?
  97. Malala Yousafzai addresses the United Nations
  98. What do you want for Christmas?
  99. What's your favorite subject or class?
  100. How much does Christmas cost ?
  101. 8 Secrets for Christmas baking
  102. Christmas Spirit
  103. Friday the 13th interesting facts if your superstitious
  104. Wwe
  106. It's so easy not to talk about abuse
  107. 2013!!!
  108. It's almost Christmas time
  109. Racism and Ignorance
  110. New Years Resolutions
  111. It is offically 2014! Goodbye 2013
  112. Are you a singer?
  113. Activate your ACYF Account to beable to post and comment on the Forum!
  114. Music genre
  115. Strong and heavy winds forecast for tomorrow here in the capital
  116. Moving Out
  117. Have you ever wanted to invent something ?
  118. It's that time again cold and flu
  119. Chicago
  120. How to take care of your skin
  121. One Word
  122. Heartwarming video of stopping bullying
  123. Eye opening quit smoking video
  124. Parents guide to kids and cell phones
  125. Ghosts and phenomenon and the unknown
  126. Students / Kids not in Classes.
  127. Homework Help?
  128. Suicide Prevention
  129. Suicide is not the way.
  130. Beat the winter time blues
  131. Coffee coffee coffee
  132. Billiards.
  133. Your Culture
  134. I really hope they bring Fibre Optic internet here!
  135. Games
  136. Changes in YOUR north
  137. Time to QUIT! up to $50,000 in prizes
  138. Who's your idol?
  139. Moving Away
  140. Just remember.....
  141. Part Time Job
  142. Google fiber
  143. Olympics 2014 SOCHI
  144. online gaming (on the line for lease =P)
  145. New Inuit language app on iTunes
  146. Pangnirtung youth centre create their own VIDEO GAMES
  147. It was on the radio it was on tv laptops, computers big screen it was everywhere ...
  148. Teeth teeth teeth how to brush your baby to toddler's teeth
  149. Family
  150. Planning to GO out plan, and be SAFE
  151. Daylight Savings Time MARCH 8TH 2014 :O
  152. Online Dating
  153. Do you like to go out camping?
  154. Baffin gas bar lends out SPOT devices to hunters
  155. News article nunavut paranormal society is on the hunt
  156. VIDEO: 100 year old BFF's give their view on today's pop culture Really funny
  157. Hello to all i am new to the community
  158. Business Ideas
  159. Gold Rush Alaska.
  160. Changes in size, colour shape??
  161. Sunday Night Movie
  162. How to prevent Carbon Monoxide poisoning
  163. Travel the world
  164. Best Moment of Your Life
  165. Sunday Night Movie
  166. Have you kept any traditional knowledge alive?
  167. It's Monday!
  168. Your town or your community how did it become to todays town?
  169. Weight Loss
  170. #sealfie
  171. Traditional Healing
  172. Online shopping
  173. Meeting a Politician
  174. Spring is in the air - Toonyik Tyme has begun in Iqaluit
  175. Almost summer that means school is almost over.... :)
  176. What Makes You Laugh?
  177. TOONIK TYME : Fear Factor
  178. Happy Easter
  179. 420
  180. Indefinite & Definite Integrals
  181. $12,704,000 in 2013 in BOOZE sales
  182. Warmer seasons are coming more people travelling abroad here are some tips
  183. Not trying to stir anything up.
  184. Best friend, brother, cousin, sister
  185. Anti Bullying Video- Don't bully video
  186. Sugar , sugar , sugar
  187. Education use it as a tool and use it as a weapon (in a good way)
  188. CHECK YOUR SMOKE DETECTORS ! Passer by saved man in Dawson City
  189. Animal Heroes <3
  190. Any summer plans?
  191. Are you a singer?
  192. 90 Kilos of Caribou meat found in Inuvik Dump
  193. Anyone keeping track of the stanley cup playoffs?
  194. 1 month later a found puppy turns out to be a fox
  195. Recreation
  196. Nunavut residents are getting trained on aquatic monitoring
  197. Mt Sima adventure park
  198. hello
  199. CAUTION SPRINGTIME: Open rivers and lakes
  200. Reading rainbow tv show a return??
  201. Who will win the Stanley Cup?!
  202. Plans after graduation?
  203. Michael Kusugak in Asia
  204. Hey, it's Friday!
  205. 110 days and Clara Hughes
  206. happy fathers day everyone
  207. Will Smith - How Come He Don't Want Me Man?
  208. The Canoe
  209. Job Seekers
  210. Safety
  211. It's summer time what do you do during the summer?
  212. Zombies!!!
  213. Clyde River are very happy when a bowhead is caught since a century
  214. Transport Canada has stranded a mom with newborn what can she do?
  215. Woman wears hidden camera shows how many times she is harassed
  216. This woman takes a photo for a year the end is disturbing...please end abuse speak up
  217. New school year
  218. PLEASE READ!! VERY important for YOU and everyone that LOVES you!
  219. Support your loved who are dealing with a mental illness
  220. What is this ice bucket challenge?
  221. Favourite Hockey Team? :D
  222. Playing To Strength Youth Camp
  223. Let's talk about sex.......there i said it!
  224. Back to SCHOOL!!!!
  225. Need a job don't know what to do??
  226. Graduating students
  227. Caribou declining in NWT
  228. Hope!
  229. What pop can do to the body!
  230. Gov't of Nunavut FASD poster what do you think?
  231. Do you know your family background? your heritage?
  232. putting a 'time out' for your child might actually be hurting them Time article state
  233. Tanya Tagaq wins Polaris prize her record animalism
  234. Fall/ Winter freeze up STAY OFF the lake ice until frozen solid
  235. Lets make a fun with us......
  236. A beer and wine store in Iqaluit big debate what do you think?
  237. What's it like to live where you live?
  238. What are you thankful for?
  239. Happy thanksgiving!
  240. Cold and flu season
  241. One Meal
  242. Nunavut news north news paper Oct 13 Elders thoughts on beer & wine store in Iqaluit
  243. Ottawa incident left Canada on High alert
  244. ???What's really in those little trick or treats your kids will be getting halloween
  245. How was your Halloween?
  246. Young Iqaluit writer receives governor general award
  247. Words can not lay visible scars on the outside but can tear up on the outside
  248. Hello Northwest Territories!
  249. Some are waiting for an apology residential school students in Labrador
  250. Some are waiting for an apology residential school students in Labrador