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  1. Social Capital
  2. Crime Prevention and Justice
  3. An Interagency Approach
  4. Human Trafficking What is it?
  5. How can Exploitation Happen?
  6. What can be done to prevent human trafficking and exploitation?
  7. 105 Kids forced into Sex trade rescued by FBI
  8. Youth Arctic Coalition
  9. YAC Conference Topics - Discussion
  10. What important issues are impacting your community?
  11. What are your dreams?!
  12. Reconciliation and Nelson Mandela
  13. Nunavut and Canada
  14. Nunavut's Hope!
  15. Nunavut vs. Ottawa
  16. Nunavut vs. Ottawa
  17. Canada Day Fireworks!
  18. New Borns and smog
  19. Friends to your Destiny
  20. Inuit games in Ottawa High Schools